Group Norms

  • Make Space, Take Space

  • Relationship before task

  • Practice self focus; be accountable

  • “Try on” others lived experiences and perspectives

  • Practice “Both/And” thinking

  • “Oops”, “Ouch”, and the “Teachable Moment”

  • It’s OK to disagree; Not OK to shame, blame, or attack self or others, focus on the issue not the person

  • Be aware of both intent and impact

  • Notice both process and content

  • Confidentiality

Group Agreements

  • I bring an open heart and open mind

  • I recognize that the wisdom of the whole community is greater than the wisdom of any one

  • I am uncovering what is both conscious and unconscious in my awareness

  • I am taking responsibility for my words and actions

  • I am listening with all of my senses

  • I am learning how both my intention and my impact on others matters

  • I am holding others with integrity, keeping their stories in confidence, and sharing only the things I have learned

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Yevilah McCoy