We divide the middle matzah!

Leader: I now break the middle matzah, wrap one piece in a cloth, and I’ll hide it as the afikomen. The other piece I’ll put back between the sheets of matzah.

(We hide the afikomen)

Cong: Why do we hide the matzah?

Leader: The matzah that has been hidden is the afikomen. In days of old, when the Temple stood on Mt. Zion, our forefathers went up to Jerusalem to partake of the paschal lamb. We shall eat the afikomen after dinner tonight as a symbolic remembrance of that custom.

(Raise matzah, uncover it, and continue reading)

Behold the matzah! It is a symbol of the bread of slavery, which our ancestors ate when they were bondsmen in Egypt. Let it remind us of our fellowmen who are hungry today.

Question for discussion: Why specifically do we divide and hide the middle matzah?

Cong: May those who are hungry come and eat with us. May those who are in need come and partake with us of our feast on this Pesach night.

(The Matzah is put down and covered again, pour the second cup of wine)

haggadah Section: Yachatz