Starting with ‘Mitchilah’, the next few paragraphs form a logical sequence.

In 'Mitchilah,' we are told the purpose of the Exodus: to change us from idol-worshippers into G-d worshippers.

The Hagaddah brings a proof-text from the Book of Joshua, in which Joshua reiterates that the people's ancestors worshipped other gods. That we are meant to turn into followers of G-d is clear from the contuation of his speech, which is not quoted in the Haggadah. Joshua challenges the people to foresake their ancestors' idols and worship G-d instead, and the people promise to do so – because he brought them out of Egypt.

In Baruch Shomer Havtachato, we are reminded that the whole sequence of events - the idea of G-d bringing us out of Egypt, away from idols and danger and towards nationhood and worship of G-d - was part of divine plan that G-d announced to Abraham in the Brit Ben Habtarim, the Abrahamic covenant in Genesis. We thank G-d for keeping this covenant.

"Vehi Sheamdah" - the promise (brit bein habtarim) is an eternal promise that stands for every generation, including our own. G-d will always save us from our oppressors. 

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