ChatGPT Prompt: Create the story of the four children from Passover using Dad jokes

Once upon a Passover Seder, a wise Jewish father decided to teach his children about the Four Children using dad jokes.

He started with the Wise Child and said, "Why did the Wise Child ask so many questions? Because they wanted to be the seder of attention!"

Next, he moved onto the Wicked Child and quipped, "Why did the Wicked Child steal the Afikoman? Because they wanted to be a matzah thief!"

Then, he introduced the Simple Child and asked, "Why did the Simple Child think the Seder was boring? Because they weren't Kosher enough!"

Finally, he got to the Child Who Doesn't Know How to Ask and said, "Why did the Child Who Doesn't Know How to Ask stay silent at the Seder? Because they didn't want to Pass-over any questions!"

The children groaned at their dad's corny jokes, but secretly they loved them. And as they continued with the Seder, they couldn't help but smile and laugh at their dad's dad jokes.

haggadah Section: -- Four Children