Rejected Ben & Jerry's Passover Ice Cream Flavors

Bread O’ Affliction! – Sure, we wanted to use real bread, but who has the time?!

Hillel Sandwich – Made from the old Rebbe’s secret recipe! Where’s Elijah when ya need him?!

Burn Bush Burn! – Our spiciest ice cream peppered with Red Hots! You’ll never quite consume it!

Two Plagues Twisted! – Boils and locusts swirled together with a rich Red Sea core!

Gephilte Phish! – Random, minced fish pieces in a fabulous jellied froth!

Son Who Don’t Know How to Ask! – We mixed in not one, not two—but four cups of wine!! You don’t have to be wicked or wise (or simple, even!) to love this combination!

haggadah Section: Maror
Source:, April 3, 2015