Prompt: Rewrite Chad Gadya from a preschooler's point of view.

Chat GPT: 

Once upon a Seder night,

There was a little goat so bright,

It was my daddy's pride and joy,”

And it played with a toy.

But then came a cat so sly,

Who pounced on the goat, oh my!

And the goat cried out in fear,

But no one came to be near.

Then came a dog so fierce,

Who chased the cat, oh dear!

But the dog bit the goat, alas!

And it fell down on the grass.

Then came a stick so strong,

Which beat the dog all day long,

But the stick got broken too,

And there was nothing else to do.

Then came an angel so grand,

Who swept the stick with his hand,

And sent it all the way to God,

Who gave us the Seder and the rod.

And that's the story of Chad Gadya,

A tale of wonder and awe,

Of love and compassion and hope,

And the power of the divine law.

haggadah Section: Songs