Da mobrdzanda akadom baruxu [And there came the Holy One Blessed Is He]
Da dakla malax amaveti [killing the angel of death]
Rom dakla shoxet [that had killed the slaughterer]
Rom dakla xari [that had killed the bull]
Rom dalia tskali [that had drunk the water]
Rom chaakro cecxli [that had extinguished the fire]
Rom datsva joxi [that had burnt the stick]
Rom cema dzagli [that had beaten the dog]
Rom ukbina katas [that had bitten the cat]
Rom shechama tikani [that had eaten the goatling]
Rom ikida mamachemma or abazad [bought by my daddy for two abazi]
Erti tikani, erti tikani! [one goatling, one goatling]

Judeo-Italian in Rome

Benne il kadosh baruch u [Then came the Holy One Blessed Is He]
Che shachtò il malach amaved [who slaughtered the angel of death]
Che shachtò il shochette [who slaughtered the slaughterer]
Che shachtò il bove [who slaughtered the ox]
Che si bebbe l’acqua [that drank the water]
Che smorzò il foco [that put out the fire]
Che abbruciò il bastone [that burnt the stick]
Che bastonò il cane [that beat the dog]
Che mozzicò la gatta [that bit the cat]
Che si mangiò il captretto [that ate the kid]
Che comprò mio padre [that my father bought]
Per due scude. [for two coins.]
Ah lu capre’. Ah lu capre’. [Oh the kid. Oh the kid.]

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: Jewish Language Project Passover Supplement