One of the goals of our Pesach seder today was to help give you new ways of thinking about a familiar experience. Hopefully you learnt about some new ideas, customs, and rituals that you may have never seen or experienced before.

A further goal of this experience is for you to bring some of what you learnt home to share with your family and friends who you will be celebrating Pesach with on Friday and Saturday nights

We will now be handing out cue cards. On your cue card, please write 2 things:

1. One custom, ritual, or tradition that I have never seen or heard of before that I learnt about today.

2.  One or two readings, ideas, or rituals that I saw or thought about today that I am planning to share at my seder this year.

Please bring this cue card with you to your seder this Friday night! 

haggadah Section: Conclusion