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This is the traditional invitation for all to join the Seder. Some families open the door at this point in the

Seder as a sign of welcoming any and all guests to the Seder.

Ha lachma anya di achalu avatana b'ara d'mitzraim.


This is the bread of affliction, which our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt.

Let all who are hungry come and eat.

Let all who are in need, come and celebrate Passover.

Today, we are here. Next year, in the land of Israel.

Today, we are slaves. Next year, we will be free.



[This is the non-traditional invitation… sung to the tune of the theme song from “Spiderman.”]


Seder-Man, Seder-Man,
Doesn’t eat bread or cake or flan
Says Kiddush, drinks his wine,
Then does it again three more times
Oy vey!
Pesach with Seder-Man.

Who knows one?
Listen bud,
He's got Matzah meal in his blood.
Eats karpas,

Maror too.

He’s much more than a token Jew!
What’s nu?
Check with the Seder-Man.

In the still of night,
On the 15th of Nissan,

Yom Tov candles he’ll light,
At the scene of Seder one.

Seder-Man, Seder-Man
What a mensch is that Seder-Man!
All Chametz
He ignores
Naches is his reward.

To him, Passover is like heaven
Wherever there’s no leaven
You'll find the Seder-man!


haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Bob Family Haggadah