Psalm 126: A Psalm of Ascents

When God returned us to Zion we were as dreamers.

Then we were full of mirth, and our tongues were full of gladness.

They said among the nations, "magnified is God, who has done these things."

We will magnify God, who has done this for us! And we were joyful.

Turn our captivity, O God, like dry streams in the Negev.

We had planted seeds in tears, but our harvest was gladness.

We went forth with crying-out, carrying seeds;

We return in gladness, carrying God's sheaves.

We bless you now, Wholly One, the power and majesty in all.

You gave us this food,

you sustain our lives

With your grace, with your love, your compassion.

You provide all the food that comes to us,

guiding and nourishing our lives!

Now we hope and we pray

for a wondrous day when no one in our world

will lack bread or food to eat.

We will work to help bring on that time,

when all who hunger will eat and be filled.

Every human will know that Your love is a power

sustaining all life and doing good for all.

We bless you now Wholly One, for feeding everything!

haggadah Section: Bareich
Source: Velveteen Rabbi