The third cup of wine is now poured, including the cup for Elijah, and Bircas HaMazon (Grace after meals) is recited.


A Song of Ascent:

When the Lord restores the exiled of Zion

We shall be as those who dream

Our mouths will be full of laughter then,

Our tongues with song.

Then will they say among the nations:

“The Lord has done great things for them.”

The Lord has done great things for us,

And so we rejoice.

Restore us once again, O God,

Like sudden floodstreams in the desert.

Then those who sow in tears,

Will reap in joy.

Though he go weeping,

As he carries the seed,

He will return bearing the sheaves,

With song and with laughter.


Friends, Let us say Grace.


The name of the Eternal be blessed from now unto eternity.


Let us praise God of Whose bounty we have partaken.


Let us praise Him of Whose bounty we have partaken and by Whose goodness we live.

Through His kindness, mercy, and compassion,

All existence is eternally sustained.

He is forever faithful.

His surpassing goodness fills all time and space.

Sustenance is there for all.

None need ever lack,

No being ever want for food.

We praise our God, the One, sustaining all.

And build Jerusalem, O God, speedily in our days.  We praise our God Whose compassion ever builds Jerusalem.


On this Festival of Matzot, inspire us to goodness.


On this Day of Liberation, make us a blessing.


On this Festival of Pesah, preserve us in life.


All Merciful, rule over us forever.


Sustain us with honorable work.


May He who blessed Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Bless this house, this table, and all assembled here;

And so may all our loved ones share our blessing.


May he Who brings harmony

Into the spheres on high

Bring peace to earth

For all mankind.


The Lord will give strength unto

His people.

The Lord will bless His people

With peace.

haggadah Section: Bareich