Avadim hayyinu 


l’far’oh b’mitzrayim


Avadim hayinu 

ata ata b’nei chorin

b’nei chorin 

"We were slaves, but now we are free.” Is this true?

Though we no longer labor under Pharaoh’s overseers, we may still be enslaved—now in subtler ways, harder to eradicate. Do we enslave ourselves to our jobs? To our expectations? To the expectations of others? To our fears? Tonight we celebrate our liberation from Egypt—in Hebrew, Mitzrayim, literally “the narrow place.” But narrow places exist in more ways than one. Let this holiday make us mindful of internal bondage which, despite outward freedom, keeps us enslaved.

This year, let our celebration of Passover stir us to shake off these chains. Our liberation is in our own hands.

haggadah Section: -- Four Questions