We begin Kiddush by filling a 5 oz. cup with grape juice. It is important that the cup be

filled to the extent that the surface tension of the liquid forms a crown over the top of the

cup. The force which keeps the liquid together in this way, the surface tension, is an

effect of Natural Physical laws which are not our concern here. Nevertheless, without this

effect there would be no Life on the planet Earth, since water (whose molecular weight is

only 17 Daltons) would be a gas not a liquid. We hold in the palm of our hand a cup of

this magical liquid, whose properties we take so for granted, yet which are fantastically

providential. Looking at the light reflected off the edges of this crown, it is a good

moment to reflect on all the forces at work in our lives which have brought us to this

point. We celebrate the four elementary components of the grape: sunlight, wind, rain and

earth. We even celebrate the four forces that go to make up the atoms themselves.  

Finally we acknowledge Hashem's hand in the creation of what we are about to drink.

The grape juice we hold is a pure example of Hashem's energy transubstantiated. E =

mc2 means that if you have enough energy you can make matter. Hashem has that energy

and we are the matter He has fashioned. This is the meaning of the first Blessing.  

"Who creates the fruit of the vine."


The second part of Kiddush refers us to our chosen-ness. Those of us who are in

Recovery understand the mystery of being chosen.  Why are we in Recovery?

What makes us special that we have been granted the grace of this gift?

This blueprint for action this program of life. The Torah, the Steps, the whole

concept of our Recovery? The answer, of course, is always a mystery. Hashem simply

said "Enough! You've suffered enough!" We are no better or worse, simply lucky. We

express our astonishment at the love and joy this festival represents and how different we

feel as a consequence.  


haggadah Section: Kadesh