... and now we're back for Round Two.

Remember that matzah that we split a while back? This is where we eat the other half.

Often, the grownups in a family hide that half of the matzah, and the children have to find it and ransom it back to them. After consulting with the youngest member of the family, we're foregoing that. (Unless that's been overruled, in which case we just need to forget that we read that last sentence.)

The word for that half of the matzah, afikoman, is actually from the Greek for "that which comes after" or "dessert." It's officially the last thing that we eat at the Seder, other than the two remaining cups of wine.

So no more of the desserts after this. We'll break this half of the matzah up, pass it around, and eat it, then get back to the praying and singing.

haggadah Section: Tzafun
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