Afikomen Treasure Hunt

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism posted a great idea for the Afikomen.  We used it this year, and it was a blast for both the teenagers and the younger kids.

When it is time to search for the Afikomen, the leader provides the oldest child with a Tanach and a piece of paper with a chapter and verse number.  Then, the group of children must find the relevant line that will direct them to someplace in the house.  Hidden in that spot is another chapter and verse reference and so on until they find it. 

The following was p repared by Serene Victor, National Consultant for Synagogue Education, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, for use by its affiliated congregations.

Afikomen Treasure Hunt Clues

Clue #1: Exodus 35:16

"the altar of burnt offering, its copper grating, its poles and all its furnishing...."

(Location of Clue #2 - oven)

Clue #2: Ezekiel 5:1

"...take thee a sharp sword, as a barber's razor shalt thou take it unto thee, and cause it to pass upon thy head and upon they beard; then take thee balances to weigh and divide the hair.."

(Location of Clue #3 - scales)

 Clue #3: Ezekiel 1:27

"And I saw as the color of electrum, as the appearance of fire round enclosing it..."

(Location of Clue #4 - TV)

Clue #4: Amos 4:6

"And I also have given you cleanness of teeth in all your cities."

(Location of Clue #5 - next to the toothpaste)

Clue #5: Exodus 12:7

"And thou shall take of the blood and put it on the two side posts and on the lintel above the houses..."

(Location of Clue #6 - behind mezuzah

Clue #6: Genesis 19:26

"Lot's wife looked back and she thereupon turned into a pillar of salt."

(Location of Afikomen - near salt shaker)

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: USCJ Website, by Serene Victor