Activity Ideas to Help Bring the Seder to Life

Already back the in the time of the Mishna, the rabbis were leveraging multimedia, not through technology but through all the various elements that they added to the haggadah and the seder. The seder is meant to be an audio-visual re-enactment of the going out of Egypt. The “props” – be it the seder plate, the cushions for leaning – are all there in order to arouse the curiosity inour kids and get them to ask questions. The whole aim of the seder is to stimulate the kids to ask questions and get involved in the seder.

Here are some fun activities that we came across to help make the seder fun and meaningful for everyone.

  • The Why Game
  • The Story Bag Game
  • Pharaoh's Telephone
  • Radio News
  • Who or What Am I?
  • Give Us a Clue
  • The Four Sons

Originally contributed by Rebecca Rubenstein

haggadah Section: Songs