Welcome the updated Art Haggadah produced by The Tasman Center for Jewish Creativity. We're thrilled you've found it and hope this will add beauty, depth, and curiosity to your Passover experience. The value of Hiddur Mitzvah, or beautifying the commandment or ritual object, has always been a central theme for The Tasman Center for Jewish Creativity. We look for ways to beautify our learning, our rituals, and our experiences of Jewish practice. In doing so, we add additional meaning and connection to our engagement with Judaism.  We hope that using this Art Haggadah at your seder will inspire you to think creatively about each of the elements in the seder. Use this one it's own or as a supplement to a traditional haggadah, or use the artwork to beautify your seder table.

Thank you to everyone who contributed artwork to this collaborative project and special thanks to Stephanie Landes for arrangement. 

Learn more about bringing more mindfulness, creativity and intentionality to your life at www.tasmancenter.org.

Wishing you a joyous and creative Passover!

- Rabbi Sarah Tasman and Valerie Brown, Original creation Passover 2021 / 5781, Updated Passover 2022 / 5782

haggadah Section: Introduction