Prompt: Write me a poetic introduction for a Passover Haggadah. 

Chat GPT: 

Gather 'round dear ones, it's that time of year

When the story of Passover draws near

A tale of triumph, of struggle and of pain

Of a people's freedom, hard-won again and again

With matzo and wine, we'll retell the tale

Of Moses, of Pharaoh, of the Red Sea's gale

Of plagues and miracles, of a nation's birth

And the lessons we've learned, passed down through the earth

We'll sing and we'll pray, we'll eat and we'll share

We'll remember the past, and show that we care

For the future that's yet to unfold in our hands

As we gather together, united as one band

So let us begin, this Passover night

With hearts full of joy, and spirits so bright

As we open our Haggadah, and join in the refrain

Of "Dayenu", "Let My People Go", and the blessings we proclaim.

haggadah Section: Introduction