Hidden somewhere in the room is the afikoman! It is the larger half of a matzah which was once whole.

We must now all look for it! Beware, there are other matzot broken apart hidden in the room as well.

Everyone should eat a bit of the afikoman - usually it's the last thing you eat on seder night. Tonight, it'll be the first thing you eat! It's like having dessert before dinner - every kid's dream!

Tonight we have started with a broken matzah - and had a bite. Later on, we will later come to Yachatz - traditionally the part at which a whole matzah is split into two, the larger half becoming the afikoman. In our reverse seder, at Yachatz we will re-form our matzah.

Discuss the metaphors of the afikoman. For example, we could discuss whether it's good to have a bite of something broken? Why do we have the larger half - is that greedy? Why is the matzah split in half in the first place? Why is the afikoman hidden?

haggadah Section: Introduction