This is the cup of Elijah. This is the cup of hope. 

According to tradition, we open the door to permit the possible entry of the prophet Elijah, who is, according to tradition, the herald of the era of peace and freedom for all humanity. Elijah. For millennia, Jews opened the door for him, inviting him join their Seders, hoping that he would bring with him a messiah to save the world. Yet the tasks of saving the world - once ascribed to prophets, messiahs and gods - must be taken up by us, by common people with shared goals. Working together for progressive change, we can bring about the improvement of the world, tiqqun ha-olam - for justice and for peace, we can and we must.

Now, as we pour our 4th cup of wine, let us now symbolically open the door of our Seder to invite in all people and all those in need to work together with us for a better world. Let us raise our fourth cup as we dedicate ourselves to tiqqun olam, the improvement of the world.

Everyone, raise your glasses:

"L' Tiqqun Olam!"

haggadah Section: Hallel
Source: The Refugee Crisis Haggadah by Repair the World