Each of the four questions refers to an essential component of the Pesach Seder.  But actually, as the Talmud presents it, much of what is different tonight is for the sake of being different.  Each of the bizarre movements that we make─covering the matzah and then uncovering it, two kiddushes, two washings, all this talk, leaning, removing the Seder plate, etc.─ is meant to catch our attention: Hey! Something is happening tonight!  Something is different!

And for good reason: tonight offers a special opportunity to grow dynamically, to take a giant leap toward bringing our disparate selves together and our destiny to fruition. If our curiosity is piqued, we will be more attentive to those opportunities.  The Seder is trying to get our attention to let us know that tonight is different. Tonight, so much is possible.

Take a moment to consider what would happen if the normal rules did not apply.  Visualize the new reality, and speak it out if you like.  Consider asking G-d to help you shift on the points where you are stuck. 

haggadah Section: -- Four Questions
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