Sing to the tune of Jacob and sons from Joseph and Technicolor Dreamcoat:

Way, way back many centuries ago,

Not long after the Haggadah began,

There were 4 kids in the land of Canaan

Born to a Jewish family man


A wise child and a difficult one,

One who was simple and one who was young (x2)

The wise one asked about all the mitzvoth

To find out the meaning of what Moses’ wrote

His dad told him all about the laws and customs

That God commanded us to do in Shmot


The difficult one was next in line

She asked “what business is this of mine?”

She was told because God had saved us

And if she was there, she’d think it was fine


The simple son simply said “what is this?”

I don’t understand, it’s the point I miss

Because God freed us with a mighty hand

With miracles that make up a very long list


The young one was last but she didn’t talk

Should couldn’t ask a question, could barely walk

To her we explain that the Seder we do

Is part of thanking God for being a Jew


haggadah Section: -- Four Children
Source: original