Pour the third cup of wine.

Shir Hama’alot, b’shuv Adonai et shee-vat Tzion, ha-yeenu k’chol meem. Az y’ma-lei s’chok pee-nu u’l-sho-nei-nu reena, az yo-m’ru va-goyim, heeg-deel Adonai la-asot eem eleh. Heeg-deel Adonai la-asot eemanu, ha-yee-nu s’mei-cheem. Shuva Adonai et sh’vee-tei-nu, ka-afee-keem ba-negev. Ha-zor-eem b’deem-ah b’reena yeek-tzo-ru. Ha-loch yei-lech u-va-cho no-sei me-shech hazara, bo yavo v’reena, no-sei alu-mo-tav.

A song of ascending:When the Eternal returns usto Zion, we will be like dreamers. Then, our mouths will be filled with laughter, and our tongues with song. Then shall it be said around the world, the Eternal has done great things for them! For the eternal has done great things for us - and we are joyful.God, restore us as springs in the desert. Those who sow in tears shall reap in son. The one who goes out weeping will surely come back singing, bringing sheaves.

Brich rachamana malka d'alma ma'arey d'hai pita

Blessed is the compassionate One, sovereign of the world, creator of this bread.

haggadah Section: Bareich