15 Steps to Freedom

1. KADESH - a blessing over wine

2. URCHATZ - ritual washing of hands without the usual blessing

3. KARPAS - eating some leafy greens or green vegetables

4. YACHATZ - raising up and breaking the middle Matzah (more on this later)

5. MAGGID - the telling of the Exodus story (the longest section of the Seder)

6. RACHTZAH - ritual washing of hands before the meal, with the blessing

7. MOTZI – the blessing over the Matzah and the meal

8. MATZAH – another blessing over the Matzah, this time emphasizing the special nature of eating Matzah as a Passover ritual act

9. MARROR – eating bitter herbs

10. KORECH – eating a sandwich of Matzah and bitter herbs (and then adding a sweet, chutney-like Jewish dish calledcharoset)

11. SHULCHAN ORECH  – the festive meal

12. TZAFUN – eating the Afikomen (more on that later)

13. BARECH – grace after meals

14. HALLEL – singing psalms of praise

15. NIRTZAH – conclusion

haggadah Section: Introduction