It seems only natural that Jews would work to exaggerate the fantastical nature of their God. 300 plagues. He gave us, his chosen children 300 plagues. 10 wasn't quite enough. Coming off of centuries of slavery during which God went inexplicably AWOL, it seemed necessary to reaffirm our status. So we decide to hyperbolize a bit. Within each of these ten explicitly stated plagues, we dig and prod until we are able to reason that each holds in itself another 5. And then we tack onto this hefty 50 another 250 or so. See, he was thinking of us all along! This was all a part of his plan. This pain, this torture, this suffering. So extraordinary is our lord. We have always been first in his eyes. We are still the chosen ones. We have always been the chosen ones. 300 plagues. So extraordinary is our lord.

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues