April 16,2019

You CAN Quote Us

Posted by Haggadot

Whether you're making a full haggadah, or just looking for a little inspiration, quotes are a great addition to your Passover festivities. Try printing a few to decorate your seder table, then ask everyone to go around and reflect on the quote that resonates most with them. You'll nail the decor & ice-breakers in one effort. 

If you need help adding images, check out our tutorial videos on the How It Works page.

Rabbi Hartman Quote

Rabbi David Hartman, featured in 2019 Favorites

MLK Quote

Martin Luther King, featured in MLK Freedom Seder

Malala Yousafzai Quote

Malala Yousafzai

Audre Lorde Quote

Audre Lorde, featured in 2017 Favorites

Radical Amazement

Abraham Joshua Heschel, featured in Typographic Haggadah

JSF Quote

Jonathan Safran Foer, featured in2016 Favorites Haggadah

Anne Frank Quote

Anne Frank Quote

All I Got

Just a little humor :) in 2019 Favorites