March 23, 2018

Selfies At Your Seder

Posted by Haggadot

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Lately it seems as though smart phones are taking over our lives, shortening our attention spans or even making us more self-absorbed - but is it possible that the practice of selfies can move beyond narcissism to be instructive, even connective? We think so.

Recently, learned of The Selfie Seder, shared by a group of Jewish educators on Facebook, which encourages participants to capture selfies of each aspect of the seder as a scavenger hunt / performative educational tool. We love that it merges the seemingly ubiquitous practice of taking selfies with instructive learning. After all, the Haggadah states that "In every generation, each person must regard himself or herself as if he or she had come out of Egypt" and the Selfie Seder is taking that to a new level of creativity.  

Check out The Selfie Seder here:

Whether or not you do it at your actual seder, or stage this activity beforehand is up to you. 

And if you're interested in bringing a performative activity to your seder (with or without selfies), you can also check out SIJCC's Human Tableau, a Passover Play, or other impromptu performance activities

Whatever you choose, let us know how it goes!