March 10,2020

Our Favorite Passover Song Parodies

Posted by Haggadot

Neil Diamond, "Sweet Charoset"

Passover is a holiday full of songs! Chad Gadya. Dayenu. More Dayenu :) And the Jews are a people full of musicians. Paul Simon. Bob Dylan. Drake! 


Has anyone ever written a parody song of a Jewish musician for Passover? We have Paul Simon’s “50 Ways To Leave Your Pharaoh,” Billy Joel’s “Pesach Man”, and Maroon 5’s Memories (The 2nd Cup Parody) on all ready to be added to your Seder, plus a growing list at the bottom of this post.


Here are our top 3 parody songs we'd love to see written one day:


  • Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Charoset,”
  • KISS’s “I Want To Question All Night Long,”
  • Ariana Grande’s “When life gives you bitter herbs (Sweetener)”


What parodies would you like to see? With a month until Passover, now’s the time to add YOUR content, musical or otherwise, to in time for others to collect as clips into their Haggadahs. That’s “God’s Plan.”


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What are your favorite parody songs?