March 09,2023

5 Tips for Hosting a Kid-Friendly Seder

Posted by Haggadot

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Whether you're a grandparent, parent, or friend who’s hosting kids this year, here are five ways to plan a kid-friendly seder and ensure the children at your seder love Passover as much as you do. 


1. Keep Your Seder Short

If you have younger kids coming to your Passover seder, they’re likely to have shorter attention spans. Consider using one of our condensed seders, like the 2-Minute Haggadah, or a seder full of activities for kids like the Seder For Young Children.


2. Create an Interactive Seder

To hold the attention spans of your youngest guests, consider printing out copies of our popular Coloring Book Haggadah to keep kids entertained, and incorporating some videos from the PJ Library video seder. For older kids, check out Our Favorites for Families to find activities like a scripted play, a crossword puzzle, and more. 


3. Use One of Our Haggadot for Teenagers

For a teen-friendly seder, we recommend the Global Teenagers’ Haggadah Supplement by the Milken Community Schools, the Heroes Haggadah inspired by superheroes and larger-than-life characters, and the FriendSeder Haggadah from our partners at The Well in Detroit. 


4. Mix Your Seder Up a Little Bit!

Don’t be afraid to shirk the traditional, and incorporate some fun into your seder. Consider using Mission From Moses, which transforms the afikoman hunt into a role-playing game, or the One Piece Haggadah which adapts a popular manga series. 


5. Make a Haggadah That's Fun and Inclusive

Add in some fun with the skits and jokes from Rabbi Daniel Brenner. For children with disabilities, the Inclusion Haggadah by Matan includes visual storytelling with all the key Haggadah elements. 


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