March 06,2023

Recommendations for family-friendly seders

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Image of boy eating matzah, shared by National Library of Israel

Want the children at your seder to love Passover as much as you do?

We can help! If you’re short on time, or looking to host a quicker seder for kids, we recommend the Coloring Book Haggadah, the Step-By-Step Video Haggadah, and the 10-Minute Dayenu Seder by the Jewish Grandparents Network.  
Want to create something customized?  Our Favorites For Families and Seder For Young Children are a great place to start, with lots of activities, games, skits and jokes for your Haggadah. And for children with disabilities, the Inclusion Haggadah by Matan includes visual storytelling with all the key Haggadah elements.