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The Haggadah is a story retelling the liberation of the Jews from Egypt with Moshe as the protagonist and hero. The Pharoah was the oppressive ruler of Egypt at this time and is responsible for the events that took place. There was slavery and mistreatment that only ended with Moshe's bravery and belief in God . 

One Piece is a surprisingly similar story that incorporates the elements of tyrant like rulers, oppressed people, and supernatural elements being used throughout. Some of the major themes are liberation and freedom, which are the same as the Pesach story.

Luffy is One Piece's paralell to Moshe and is the main liberator using everything he has to fight against opression. He literally is close to death nearly everytime he saves a nation. 


This is the first part of the seder where you drink wine, this is done together with other people and may be a moment of bonding. 

In One Piece, there is a ritual where you and other people drink a "beverage" together to become family and bond. This throughout the series unites many characters and allows them to fight hardship together as a family. 


In Urchatz you wash your hands without a blessing 

In One Piece, one of Luffy's first major victories was against a warlord of the sea, Crocodile. The story of Alabasta is the closest thing one piece has to the story of passover, it takes place in a desert, there is a harsh ruler, and someone liberates it from the rule of the harsh ruler. 

In Luffy's fight with Crocodile, he is unable to damage him and tries to figure out a way to win. He eventually learns that his weakness is water, although water is the hardest resource to aquire because Crocodile has limited it in Alabasta. Luffy tries again and again to defeat Crocodile, eventually meeting him in ancient ruins beneath a castle. Luffy uses the blood on his hands that came from punching things in the place of water to finally free the land of Alabasta. 

The blood on Luffy's hands symbolize the water on ours when washing.


Karpas is meant to symbolize the bitterness and salty tears we cried during our ensalvement during egypt. 

The way this can relate to One Piece is that on the island of Onigashima Luffy, Law, and Kid, were fighting two emporers of the sea at the same time. (emporers of the sea are some of the most powerful people in the One Piece world) After defeating one emporer, the other named Kaidou knocked luffy off the island (which is floating in the sky) and he fell into the ocean (which is saltwater). In case you didn't know, Luffy's abilities get taken away under water and is unable to do anything when submerged. Luckily, someone who he has an alliance with, Law, saves him. Luffy is taken out of the salty sea water and saved. He returns to the top of onigashima and continues fighting. 

Dipping a potato in salty water is similar to this


In Yachatz we take a matza and brake it and take one piece of it and hide it as the Afikomen. The Afikomen is then put aside to found later. 

The Void Century is a part of history that has been erased by the world government in One Piece so no one can remember it. Why the world government would do this is a mystery, but there is a theory that if people remembered the void century, they might rebel. 

The history of this century is hidden in text scattered around the world on indestructable stone known as poneglyphs. Poneglyphs can either contain details on the history of a mysterious figure named Joy Boy or if you find a red poneglyph, it will help guide you to a treasure. This treasure being the One Piece, the most mysterious and valuable treasure of all.

Maggid - Beginning

Maggid invites us to join in the meal and that one day we will be free.

In One Piece, this nearly exactly happens after every arc, after defeating the big bad guy, Luffy's crew celebrates. They invite all people of the land they free to a big feast and celebrates them now being free.

Maggid - Beginning
Maggid - Beginning
-- Four Questions

The four questions ask "why is this night different from the others?" That is because on Pesach we do a lot that we do not do on other occassions.

Imagine an entire country of people with sentient toys mixed in with them. You may be asking why sentient toys are a part of normal human society, but there is a fairly simple answer. A small child with the ability to turn people into toys by touching them and have all memory of their existed erased from existence.

When the child that has these abilities is knocked unconsious, all the toys are returned to being human and after years are able to reunite with their friends and families. 

-- Four Questions
-- Four Children

In this part of the seder, there are four children each with different personalities, wise, wicked, simple, and the one who does not know how to ask. They all ask differing questions based on their personalities.

In One Piece there are kinda 6 Yonkos, but I will be focusing on 4 of them.

The wise one is Shanks. He is wise because he is knowledgeable about the world and certain events. He is also smart enough to be able to get to be able to talk with some of the most powerful people in the world that also happen to be his enemy.

The wicked one is Blackbeard, he is wicked because he killed someone that was like a brother for his super abilities and is always wickedly plotting. He is also wise, but his intentions are less than good.

The simple one is BIg Mom because she is powerful, that is because she has powerful abilities, is nearly invulnerable, marries off her children to powerful people, and controls an entire archipelego of candy islands (yes, they are made out of candy). Even with all of this, she isn't quite smart and due to her craving certain foods, she can nearly destroy her entire empire.

The one who does not know how to ask is Kaidou. Kaidou is quite mysterious because the story has not fully fleshed out his character, but from what is known now, I think he fits. At first he seems like "big guy with muscles punches hard and tunrs into a fish dragon". but he has a lot in terms of tragedy in his past. He doesn't know how to ask for help and tries to accomplish what he wants by himself. 

-- Four Children
-- Exodus Story

The story of Exodus as a whole is representative of the Jewish nation escaping from the clutches or tyranny. Moshe being the protagonist guided by God to free his nation show their might to their oppressors.

This is exactly what the story of One Piece is, dangerous rulers, freedom, and adventure. Beneath the whole teenage pirate made of rubber thing, is the Exodus story. A story of righting centurie's long wrongs and having fun while doing it essentially the esscence of this series.   

-- Exodus Story