This year we take more drops of wine from our cup to grieve the plagues of apartheid, occupation and war being inflicted on Palestine:

1. Home demolitions - Destroying the same homes again and again.

2. Uprooting Olive Trees - Destroying income and heritage for generations of Palestinian families.

3. Blockades and Checkpoints - Subjecting Palestinians to daily humiliation and violence by denying access to work, medical care and seeing their families and loved ones.

4. Destruction of Villages – Destroying over 400 Palestinian towns since 1948.

5. “Administrative detention” – Imprisoning and torturing Palestinian adults and children indefinitely, without trial.

6. The “Security wall” – Limiting movement, destroying homes, and increasing surveillance by building a 30-foot high concrete wall around the West Bank with gun towers and electric fencing.

7. Theft of resources – Destroying the Palestinian economy, exploiting Palestinian labor, and stealing water and fertile land.

8. False Democracy – Denying civil rights to all non-Jews through Apartheid laws, then calling it a democracy.

9. Erasing histories – Invisibilizing the ancient history and culture of Palestine to generations of children.

10. War Crimes – Violating international law, by disabling and torturing children and adults and massacring Palestinians (in Sabra, Shattila, Deir Yassin and others)

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues