We're Obsessed With This - It's the Schitt's Creek Haggadah

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Celebrate Passover with the Rose Family!
Check out our brand-new Schitt's Creek Haggadah 
& customize it with your own GIFs! 

Schitts Creek Haggadah

Rabbis from seven path-breaking Jewish communities share video insights into the haggadah in the DIY Seder from the Jewish Emergent Network

DIY Seder By Jewish Emergent Network

Plus, it's not too late to register for Centering the Experiences of Jews of Color with Bechol Lashon. Tonight at 6pm Eastern.


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Liberal Haggadah
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2021 Favorites Haggadah

2021 Favorites Haggadah
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Coloring Book Haggadah
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Comedy Seder
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JewBelong Haggadah

JewBelong Haggadah
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Dayenu Seder

10-Minute Dayenu Seder 
Updated for 2021 by the Jewish Grandparents Network, and perfect for your multi-generational family seder.

DIY Seder By Jewish Emergent Network

DIY Seder By Jewish Emergent Network
A video haggadah featuring with the most innovative rabbis from across America

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A Fifth Question by MAZON

Hallel Video by PJ Library & ShirLaLa

LGBTQ+ Inclusion by Reform Judaism

Omer Blessing by Gold Herring

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Watch The Webinar: Freedom, Its What We Eat

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During Passover, we change how we eat, and it goes much deeper than matzah ball soup. Sarah Waxman, Founder of At The Well, will share how we can use the symbolic foods of Passover as a portal to a whole week of spiritual growth. This webinar is made possible through the ROI Community Grassroots Events program.

Find more from At The Well here: https://www.haggadot.com/contributors-details/sarah110241

Watch The Webinar: Liberated Spaces at Home

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As we enter a second pandemic Passover, go beyond spring cleaning to liberate your living spaces from all their spiritual chametz. Release the past year and discover cleansing rituals to use before and during Passover. 

Why I’m Looking Forward To Another Seder In Quarantine

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Why I’m Looking Forward To Another Seder In Quarantine
By Dave Cowen


At the end of every Seder, we say, “Next year in Jerusalem!” Once again, this year, many of us will say, “Next year in person!”


While many people have received their vaccines and are able to attend Seders in person this year, many more still aren’t vaccinated and will have to conduct another year of Seders alone or virtually.


I, myself, am one of those people.


This could be considered a downer, but I prefer to look at the bright side.


As the Jewish diaspora has proven, we are a people that not only can make do in less than ideal circumstances, but we can thrive in them. 


Last year, I was estranged from my Los Angeles family that I had celebrated Passover with for the last 10 years. Instead, thanks to technology, I was able to connect with my family of origin in New York State for the first time for a Seder since my youth. 


This year, on the second night, I plan to connect with friends all around the country, who I wouldn’t have even thought to have had a Seder with if it weren’t for the pandemic.


I’ve also heard from one person that she virtually connected to Jerusalem itself last year. So, in effect, because of the pandemic, more Jews, if they want, can celebrate “This year in Jerusalem!”


It is undoubtedly sad for those of us who have lost family members and friends to COVID, who will not be at the table this year. We can make space for them by reflecting on the idea that many of the Jews who escaped from Egypt did not get into the promised land, including Moses. And yet, without their efforts and sacrifice, the rest of the Jews wouldn’t have made it. Sometimes overcoming suffering has enormous costs and casualties, which the survivors must mourn, honor, and celebrate.


However, we can also think of how many extra people will be at the table because of COVID; because of how we have normalized the option to gather virtually. Maybe Passover will be forever changed for the better. 


This fun, new option could make Seders forever hybrids of in-person and virtual. Seders where family and friends gather in-person, and Zoom in others to ask the Four Questions or tell the Maggid. Perhaps we will always leave room at our tables, not just for Elijah, but for iPads and laptops to welcome guests from across the country or the world.


Next year I hope to be at a table with family and friends, but I also hope to include others that can’t be there in a way that before all of this we never would have thought possible.



New Passover Meditation Guide

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With Two Weeks Until Passover, We're Taking A Deep Breath

The Hebrew month of Nisan begins on Sunday (3/14), marking just two weeks until the start of Passover.  And as we observe the one year anniversary of the start of the pandemic, we recognize the many ways our lives have changed since last Passover. 
Take a deep breath and leave your own narrow places when you download our new Passover Meditation Guide featuring 
Alison Laichter and illustrations by Jessica Tamar Deutsch. This simple but powerful supplement is made possible through the ROI Community Grassroots Events program. 
Passover Meditation Guide


Our Favorites From Our Partners
This Passover, when you give $54 or more to Haggadot.com, you'll receive a hardcover copy of Mark Gerson's newest book - The Telling
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Watch The Webinar: Christian Seders

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Haggadot.com founder Eileen Levinson moderates a conversation with Rabbi Sarah Bassin of Temple Emanuel Beverly Hills and Mark Gerson, author of The Telling. Join us for a candid look at the practices of Christian seders, the challenges they pose for Jewish tradition, and their potential value for building empathy amongst neighbors.

Excerpts from Mark's book, The Telling, are available as a downloadable haggadah supplement.
For haggadot centering human rights, please download The Other Side of the River by T'ruah and the Black Lives Matter Haggadah by JFREJ.

Donors who give $54 or more to Haggadot.com this Passover will receive a free hardcover copy of The Telling: How Judaism's Essential Book Reveals the Meaning of Life.

Watch The Webinar: Hosting Your Multi-Generational Family Seder

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Thanks to Jewish Grandparents Network and Haggadot.com, we're leaving our narrow places and finding inspiration for seders that are meaningful, liberating and fun - for every generation.  Explore tips for gathering online, learn about different haggadahs and try new rituals this year. 

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Video Haggadah from PJ Library: https://www.haggadot.com/haggadah/step-by-step-seder-video-haggadah
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We've Got Webinars to Help You Celebrate This Passover

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This Year on Haggadot.com

Spring 2021 Webinars 

It's our second pandemic Passover - but the seder is still on!  Get inspiration, refresh your haggadah and reflect on the past year with our Spring 2021 Webinars.  All webinars are free and will be recorded. Register today! 


How To Seder In 2021 -  Watch a recording of the Feb. 24 session here: https://www.haggadot.com/blog/howtosederrecording

Breaking the Seder Rules - Watch a recording of the March 2 session here: https://www.haggadot.com/blog/BreakingSederRules 

Seders: A Roadmap For Ritual - Watch a recording of the March 4 session with Mark Gerson & Eileen Levinson here: https://www.haggadot.com/blog/seders-a-roadmap

Hosting Your Family's Multigenerational Seder - Watch a recording with the Jewish Grandparents Network here:  https://www.haggadot.com/blog/familyseders

Christian Seders: Embracing Our Shared History & Understanding Jewish Pain - Watch a recording of Eileen Levinson in conversation with Rabbi Sarah Bassin and Mark Gerson here: https://www.haggadot.com/blog/christiansederswebinar

Save Seder with Lab/Shul & Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie - Watch a recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ4OvmcPmf0

Liberated Spaces At Home - Watch a recording here: https://www.haggadot.com/blog/liberatedspaces

Freedom: It's What we Eat. A Holistic Guide to Passover with Sarah Waxman - watch a recording here: https://www.haggadot.com/blog/holisticeating

Centering the Experiences of Jews of Color with Marcella White-Campbell - watch a recording here: https://www.haggadot.com/blog/centeringJOCs

Watch The Webinar: Seders, A Roadmap For Ritual With Mark Gerson

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In this conversation, The Rabbi's Husband, Mark Gerson and Haggadot.com Founder Eileen Levinson discuss their shared love of Passover and why Exodus is the essential ritual, not just for Jews but for all Abrahamic traditions. Mark is the author of The Telling: How Judaism's Essential Book Reveals the Meaning of Life. 

Bring The Telling to your seder with our downloadable supplement! 

And, donors who give $54 or more to Haggadot.com this Passover will receive a free hardcover copy of The Telling. 

Download Your Family's New Favorite Haggadah

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With Passover Just 3 Weeks Away -
Our Tip Of The Week: Connect To What's Essential 

In The Telling, the latest book from Mark Gerson, the Rabbi's Husband, shares his love of Passover and explains why the Passover seder is the essential ritual, not just for Jews, but for all Abrahamic religions. Hear Mark in conversation with Haggadot.com Founder Eileen Levinson at
Seders: A Roadmap For Ritual, Tomorrow, March 4 at noon EST
Excerpts From The Telling


Donors who give $54 or more before Passover will receive a free hardcover copy of The Telling! 


Make Your Seder Meaningful & Memorable With Our Webinars

TOMORROW! 3/4 at 12pm ET: Seders: A Roadmap for Ritual with Author Mark Gerson
Wed 3/10 at 1pm Eastern: Seder Tips with the Jewish Grandparents Network 
Thurs 3/11 at 12pm ET: Christian Seders Panel Conversation
Wed 3/17 at 2pm ET: Liberated Spaces at Home
Thurs 3/18 at 1pm ET: Holistic Passover Eating with Sarah Waxman

Click Here To Register For All Our Spring 2021 Webinars! 
All webinars are free & recordings will be shared with everyone who registers


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The Telling

Excerpts from The Telling
Download this supplement from The Telling & dig into what makes a Passover Seder the essential ritual.

Reverse Seder

Reverse Seder 
Ready to get creative with your seder? Do the whole thing backwards with this haggadah from Moishe House London.

30 Days of Passover Prep

30 Days of Passover Prep 
Prepare for Passover with 30 days of inspiration from Rabbi Dan Horwitz & Haggadot.com. 

JewBelong Haggadah

JewBelong Haggadah
From fun songs to deep questions, this haggadah has it all. And now you can use it as your template! 

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