Watch The Webinar: Seders, A Roadmap For Ritual With Mark Gerson

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In this conversation, The Rabbi's Husband, Mark Gerson and Founder Eileen Levinson discuss their shared love of Passover and why Exodus is the essential ritual, not just for Jews but for all Abrahamic traditions. Mark is the author of The Telling: How Judaism's Essential Book Reveals the Meaning of Life. 

Bring The Telling to your seder with our downloadable supplement! 

And, donors who give $54 or more to this Passover will receive a free hardcover copy of The Telling. 

Download Your Family's New Favorite Haggadah

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With Passover Just 3 Weeks Away -
Our Tip Of The Week: Connect To What's Essential 

In The Telling, the latest book from Mark Gerson, the Rabbi's Husband, shares his love of Passover and explains why the Passover seder is the essential ritual, not just for Jews, but for all Abrahamic religions. Hear Mark in conversation with Founder Eileen Levinson at
Seders: A Roadmap For Ritual, Tomorrow, March 4 at noon EST
Excerpts From The Telling


Donors who give $54 or more before Passover will receive a free hardcover copy of The Telling! 


Make Your Seder Meaningful & Memorable With Our Webinars

TOMORROW! 3/4 at 12pm ET: Seders: A Roadmap for Ritual with Author Mark Gerson
Wed 3/10 at 1pm Eastern: Seder Tips with the Jewish Grandparents Network 
Thurs 3/11 at 12pm ET: Christian Seders Panel Conversation
Wed 3/17 at 2pm ET: Liberated Spaces at Home
Thurs 3/18 at 1pm ET: Holistic Passover Eating with Sarah Waxman

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Your Family's New Favorite Is Ready-To-Print

The Telling

Excerpts from The Telling
Download this supplement from The Telling & dig into what makes a Passover Seder the essential ritual.

Reverse Seder

Reverse Seder 
Ready to get creative with your seder? Do the whole thing backwards with this haggadah from Moishe House London.

30 Days of Passover Prep

30 Days of Passover Prep 
Prepare for Passover with 30 days of inspiration from Rabbi Dan Horwitz & 

JewBelong Haggadah

JewBelong Haggadah
From fun songs to deep questions, this haggadah has it all. And now you can use it as your template! 

Customize Your Seder With These Resources
The Real Reason We Had Unleavened Bread Comedy Skit
Building Your Mental Health Seder Plate
Seder Game Ideas
How to Seder in 2021 Webinar Recording

Watch The Webinar: Breaking the Seder Rules

Posted by Haggadot Executive Director Eileen Levinson navigates the rules of the seder, then offers creative ways to break those rules. First, connect to your seder's purpose, then experiment with different ideas to construct a seder that meets your needs this year. 

Here's some of our favorite haggadot & clips for reimagining the seder's traditional structure

Dayenu Seder -

Friend Seder -

Minimalist Seder -

#SederAllDay -

Moishe House Reverse Seder -

Comedy Haggadah -

Games Blog Post -

Afikomen Blog Post -

Alternative Seder Plate Items -

Human Tableau -

Skits -

Songs -

Sharing Haggadah on Zoom -

Games to Play At Your Seder

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The Zoom fatigue is very real, but your seder doesn’t have to be a struggle. Whether you’re gathering virtually or in-person, get the whole family involved with these classic games, featuring a Passover twist.  Want more ideas? Check out Our Favorites for Families Haggadah:


Celebrity - Before the seder, the host creates a simple Google Form where everyone can submit the name of a Jewish person who will be the celebrity. The celebrity can be a Biblical character, historic figure or modern Jewish celebrity. If everyone is meeting in person, they can write their names on a slip of paper.  Next, the host divides everyone into two or three teams. The leader selects a participant from the first team who will get the name of a celebrity. The rest of the players on that team have to ask questions to figure out who the celebrity is. Once they guess the celebrity, the other teams take a turn. The host times each round and the team who guesses their celebrity the quickest wins.

Pictionary - This game is especially fun for kids. Before the seder, the leader selects a few Passover terms like, “Pharaoh,” “matzah” or “plague of frogs.” You can select more complicated terms for groups including mostly teenagers or adults. Rotate who draws for a few rounds. Select a winner based on time, or let everyone vote on their favorite drawing. 

Charades - More of an actor than an artist? No problem! Instead of drawing different parts of the Passover story, seder goes act them out. Bonus points if you invite people to bring props in advance. 

Scavenger Hunts - Not just for afikoman!  If some participants in your seder need to get up and move around frequently, assign them a scavenger hunt. Assign each child to find something green for karpas, or a pillow for reclining, or hand sanitizer. The first one back wins! 

Storytellers - Haggadah literally means “The Telling,” so what better game to play at a seder than a storytelling game?! The leader begins by telling a story about Passover. At random, another seder-goer interrupts, saying “yes, and…” then they continue the story until another seder-goer jumps in. Creativity counts in this game where everyone wins. 

Let's Party For Purim + Passover Webinars

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Much like Passover, Purim (which begins Thursday night, Feb 25) commemorates a moment in our history where one person's actions helped save the Jewish people. 


Purim Mask Coloring Pages
Celebrate this joyful holiday by reading the traditional Book of Esther, or discover the Hipster Princess of Persia. Then make your costume with our Purim Coloring Pages, or enjoy an evening of Purim-Themed Self-Care.

Start Your 2021 Haggadah With Some Of Our Favorites


Seder For Young Children

Seder For Young Children
Download & print our Seder For Young Children with songs, videos, activities & more


Illustrated Haggadah

Illustrated Haggadah
Keep it simple with this Illustrated Haggadah with images by Arielle Angel


Coloring Book Haggadah

Coloring Book Haggadah
It's a coloring book! It's a haggadah! It's both! 


Minimalist Haggadah

Minimalist Haggadah
A short & simple seder with all the basics. 


Inclusion Haggadah for Adults

Inclusion Haggadah for Adults
Everyone is welcome to this Inclusion Seder for Adults, created by a collection of partners


Liberal Haggadah

Liberal Haggadah
Keep it simple with this template with content by JewishBoston

Watch The Webinar: How To Seder in 2021

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Missed our session on How to Host a Seder in 2021? Catch up here and use the links below to start your Passover haggadah today! 

How To Use
How Works:
Tips for screen sharing:
Virtual Afikoman Tips: 

Important Sites To Save 
Upcoming Webinars:
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Haggadot To Explore
10-Minute Dayenu Seder
Coloring Book Haggadah:
Family Favorites:

Blessing for Handwashing in a Pandemic:
Maror / Koreich:
Favorite song parodies:

We've Got Webinars to Help You Celebrate This Passover

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This Year on

Spring 2021 Webinars 

It's our second pandemic Passover - but the seder is still on!  Get inspiration, refresh your haggadah and reflect on the past year with our Spring 2021 Webinars.  All webinars are free and will be recorded. Register today! 

Hosting Your Family's Multigenerational 2021 Seder - With the Jewish Grandparents Network
This Passover, leave your narrow places and find inspiration to make your family's seder meaningful, liberating and fun - for every generation. Jewish Grandparents Network and will share tips for hosting online, hybrid and alternative seders and will explore space cleaning rituals to meet this moment. Wednesday, March 10 at 1pm Eastern. Register at:

Christian Seders: Embracing Our Shared History & Understanding Jewish Pain founder Eileen Levinson will moderate a conversation with Rabbi Sarah Bassin of Temple Emanuel Beverly Hills and Mark Gerson, author of The Telling. Join us for a candid look at the practices of Christian seders, the challenges they pose for Jewish tradition, and their potential value for building empathy among neighbors. Donors who give $54 or more to this Passover will receive a copy of Mark's new book.  Thursday, March 11 at 2pm Eastern. Register at:

Liberated Spaces At Home 
As we enter a second pandemic Passover, go beyond spring cleaning to liberate your living spaces from all their spiritual chametz. The creative team at will guide participants through reflections on releasing the past year and in designing cleansing rituals to use before Passover.  Wednesday, March 17 at 2 pm Eastern. Register at:

Freedom: It's What we Eat. A Holistic Guide to Passover
During Passover, we change how we eat, and it goes much deeper than matzah ball soup. Sarah Waxman, Founder of At The Well, will share how we can use the symbolic foods of Passover as a portal to a whole week of spiritual growth. Thursday, March 18 at 1pm Eastern. Register at:

Mapping Your COVID Journey
Get your art supplies ready and reimagine the experience of the past year. Together, we'll draw our journey through the pandemic - no artistic experience needed. Tuesday, March 30 at 1 pm Eastern, registration link coming soon.


How To Seder In 2021 -  Watch a recording of the Feb. 24 session here:

Breaking the Seder Rules - Watch a recording of the March 2 session here: 

Seders: A Roadmap For Ritual - Watch a recording of the March 4 session with Mark Gerson & Eileen Levinson here:

Partner Welcome Session 2021

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Thanks to everyone who joined our 2021 partner welcome session where we shared a tour of the site, our collaboration tools and our Spring webinar menu. Watch a recording of the webinar here.

To schedule a webinar in your community, or if you have any questions about being a 2021 Featured Partner, please email Rebecca Missel, Director of Partnerships, at




Become a 2021 Partner Organization

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Passover is Just 7 Weeks Away & is Here For Your Organization! 

New & long-time partners are invited to the 2021 Welcome Session on Wednesday, 2/10 at 1 pm EST

We will share our favorite collaboration tips, our new partnership guidelines, and preview our new fundraising tools to help you raise money for your community this Passover season.   Your organization must register to be a 2021 Featured Partner. We'll share a recording with everyone who registers. 
Register here: Wednesday, February 10 at 1pm EST (11am PST)

Schedule a Customized Webinar With

Our team is also available to bring our webinars to your synagogue, JCC or organziation. Just email to schedule your customized session today. Here's our Spring 2021 webinar menu. 

How To Seder In 2021: The Zoom fatigue is real, but you can make your seder feel new again. We'll share tips for hosting hybrid seders, creating rituals for the moment & more.

Alternative Seders: Throw away the map! We'll share ideas for hosting alternative seders including all-day seders, a reverse seders, 7th night seders. Spark curiosity among community members and reinvigorate leaders.

Liberated Spaces At Home: As we enter a second pandemic Passover, go beyond spring cleaning to liberate your living spaces from all their spiritual chametz. The creative team at will guide participants through reflections on releasing the past year and in designing cleansing rituals to use before Passover.

Making A Collaborative Haggadah: A session for educators with creative collaboration prompts, tips for using our tools, and personalized feedback for making your own community Haggadah.   

Moses, Joe Biden, and Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

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Dave Cowen

Moses, Joe Biden, and Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month
By Dave Cowen


Hi, my name is Dave Cowen, and this is my second year contributing to the amazing content of the beloved community, the not-for-profit, crowdsourced Haggadah-making platform.  I’m a writer who has published humor in The New Yorker and has had Amazon best selling parody Haggadah books featured in The New York Times.

I’ll be doing a series of three blog posts for Passover this spring. Thank you to Eileen and Rebecca for the opportunity. This first one is particularly close to my heart.

Did you know February is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month? JDAIM is a collaborative effort of Jewish organizations across the world every February to promote awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities and their loved ones.

One of the most important Jews in our history and in the Passover story could be said to be disabled. And so it could also be said of our new President. Both had speech impediments!

In Exodus, Moses doesn’t think he’s capable or able to lead the Jews out of Egypt, telling God: “Please, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since You have spoken to Your servant, for I am slow of speech and tongue.”

Similarly, Joe Biden, before his rise in politics, dealt with stuttering throughout his childhood and into his twenties, even into today.

God responds to Moses’ insecurities about his disability by assuring him that when the time comes, Moses will be able to speak well enough. He also says that Moses’ brother, Aaron, will support him.

Similarly, Joe Biden’s mother assured him that his disability wouldn’t obstruct his life goals. Biden said that he still thinks of his mother, who would tell him, “‘Joey, don't let this define you. Joey, remember who you are. Joey, you can do it.’ So every time I would walk out, she would reinforce me. I know that sounds silly, but it really matters.”

Like many in America and in the world, I also identify as disabled. I’ve found that two of the most important ways to handle my disabilities is through belief in I felt earlier in my life. I’ve always thought people need to understand that most of us experience disability at some God’s support and the support system of family, friends, and my professional community.

Since the 2010s, there has been a rise in the disability movement. This has helped to break down some of the discrimination against people with disabilties, which point in life. It’s just a matter of when.

Whether that’s a temporary disablement due to depression or grief, a new permanent disablement due to injury or illness, or the terminal decline of age, the majority of us will either become disabled or will love someone who is at some point in our lives.

What the Passover story and Joe Biden’s rise to the Presidency teaches us is that disability is often part of one’s life but also doesn’t need to define one’s identity.  I still write, have worked the same job for the past seven years, have been in long-term relationships, am a good friend, brother, and son, and pursue many other joys and interests.

Now is a time that people with disabilities and people without them can look to our religion’s hero and current government leader as role models that show us that disabilities are just one part of the people we love and/or ourselves.

Happy February and Happy JDAIM Month!

Looking for a kid-friendly inclusion seder? Our partners at MATAN have created an Inclusion Haggadah for children with disabilities.  And find our newly-added Inclusion Haggadah for Adults, created by and for adults with disabilities.