April 12,2022

Watch the Webinar: Welcoming the Stranger

Posted by Haggadot



Your Passover seder can be an opportunity to show solidarity with refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. In this session, educators from HIAS and Paideia share haggadot, resources, activities and practical tools to talk about displacement and the global refugee crisis at your seder.  The webinar concludes with Q&A about the current situation of Ukrainian refugees in Europe.


We are grateful to our partners at HIAS and Paideia, as well as our presenters Rabbi Megan Doherty, Avital Shein and Meiron Avidan for sharing their ideas and experiences with us. 

If you've been inspired to make space for refugees at your Passover seder, download your copy of the HIAS Haggadah, or to add the HIAS DayenuKiddush Blessing or Poem to your haggadah. You can download our new Honoring the People of Ukraine Seder Supplement or find creative seder plate items to add to your table.  

The HIAS Passover page also features the Gishur Passover resource