How do we enjoy this part of the seder when we're gathering virtually?
April 6, 2020

Does Zoom Have a Hunt for the Afikoman Button?

By Haggadot

The afikoman. In many families, hunting for the afikoman is a highlight of the seder. Often a grown-up hides this half piece of matzah and the children spend the evening searching for it. The grown-ups may even offer small prizes to ransom the afikoman and enjoy it as a dessert to finish the seder. 

But when we’re gathering virtually across multiple homes - how do we search for the afikoman? has a few options to try at your seder. 

  1. Where’s the Afikoman? Based on the classic Where’s Waldo, take a sheet of paper and draw in a piece of matzah. Then fill in the rest of the scene, making the matzah hard to see. Not so artistic? Download this super tough image from the contributor Jackie Maris. Or, collage something together and hide a brown rectangle to look like matzah. 

  2. Create a Scavenger Hunt. Who says you only have to look for the afikoman? Come up with a list of common household items and add something Passover-themed like something green for karpas or topical like toilet paper or hand sanitizer. This is a great way to give kids an active break during the seder. While you meet on Zoom, they can hunt around the house. 

  3. Hot and Cold.  Great option if you’re doing your seder on FaceTime or WhatsApp! The host hides the afikoman somewhere in their house. Then the guests tell the host where to go in their house to “find” it for them. The host brings their phone along with them as they move through their house “searching” based on where the guests tell them to go. You can give extra hints of hotter or colder as you go. 

  4. Twenty Questions. This one is great for kids to take the lead. Ask the leader to imagine a place in their home where they have hidden the afikoman. Maybe it’s under the couch or inside the bathtub. Then everyone else has to ask yes or no questions to find out where the leader has hidden the afikoman. It can be a real piece of matzah or an imaginary one. You can also do this activity with a landmark like the pyramids in Egypt - it’s thematic! 

  5. Afikoman Bingo. One of’s users created this fun Afikoman Bingo activity that is great for adults whose favorite part of the seder is the afikoman. Thanks Nicole! 

  6. Global Afikoman Hunt. Carmen Sandiego meets Passover with this brand-new app. The afikoman is hiding somewhere in the world! Watch a series of short videos and answer trivia quesitons to find the afikoman while learning about global Jewish communities.

Whatever you choose - this is the year to get creative with the afikoman and all parts of your seder.

Happy Passover!

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