February 15, 2022

What's A Tiny Purim?

Posted by Haggadot

In this leap year with two Hebrew months of Adar, there's double the joy and double the Purim! This week, we celebrate Purim Katan (Feb 15), or Small Purim. After weeks of winter and years of challenge, Purim Katan is a reminder that we can find joy everywhere.

Purim Katan doesn't have to feel tiny. Bring in a little extra joy with Purim Mask Coloring Pages4-Minute Purim Quiz or a Guide to Self-Care on Purim or enjoy a festive meal.

Purim Mask Coloring Pages

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Speaking Of Festive Meals, There's 8 Weeks Until Passover!

We'll be honest, eating is one of our favorite parts of a seder. The sweet charoset, the matzah ball soup, the pungent maror, we love it all.

Get inspired and start your Passover menu planning today, with our favorite Haggadah clips on FoodRecipes and the Festive Meal.

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Purim Mask Coloring Pages
Purim Mask Coloring Pages
What's the easiest, creative Purim costume? It's our downloadable masks for the whole family!
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Coloring Book Haggadah
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