May 25, 2012

Time to finish counting and celebrate Shavuot!

Posted by Haggadot

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One of the most significant holidays of the Jewish calendar is this weekend….and it’s not Memorial Day. There aren’t any special gifts to buy or obvious symbols on display at Target. In fact, there really isn’t anything out of the usual in observance commandments for this holiday, which is probably why it is often missed. It’s Shavuot!

The counting of the Omer that began at Passover ends now at the holiday of Shavuot and we celebrate the giving of  the Torah at Mount Sinai.  A pretty big deal…after all, where would Judaism be without the Torah? As a result, the holiday is focused on the Torah and studying is encouraged.  If you are looking for some book ideas to get started, click here.

It is a pretty widely held tradition to eat dairy foods in celebration of Shavuot. Here are some dairy recipes you might want to check out.