April 08, 2020

Our Top Five Tips For Tonight

Posted by Haggadot

1. Go Easy On Yourself

Times are challenging and your seder might not be perfect. That's ok! It will still be meaningful. 
Take a moment to say DAYENU for what IS going right and what you DO have.
And if you still need a Haggadah, simply download one of our faves.

2. Be Curious

Passover is about asking questions and shaking up the status quo. What are you learning about yourself and your loved ones during this experience? How will you describe this moment a year from now?
10 years from now? We are taking part in history - maybe even consider recording your seder?
See how others are adapting their Haggadahs to the pandemic this Passover.

3. Prioritize

What is the one thing you want to get out of this holiday? Does it mean you do a 10 Minute Seder then let the kids color while the adults continue chatting? Do you want skits & laughter? A marathon of song parodies? Being kind to yourself means prioritizing what you need from this moment.

4. Mark the beginning, middle & end

Our sense of time is a little distorted right now and one day seems to blend into another. 
Consider a welcoming & closing ritual to help separate this moment in time, even if it means taking one collective breath to start and finish the gathering. Check out some of these tips for mindfulness.

5. Don't let tech get in the way

Tonight isn't about technology - it's just a tool to help us connect. 
We recommend downloading your PDF Haggadah BEFORE your seder to avoid any stressful last-minute issues. And if you haven't yet, check out our tips for sharing your haggadah on screen. 
Whatever happens, it's the people that make the seder special - not the tools.
We're here to help you TODAY UNTIL 6:30 PM ET with any challenges that come up.