March 18, 2014

Let the Passover Preparations Begin

Posted by Haggadot

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Now that Purim is behind us Passover is the next big event on our calendars. And Passover, particularly the seders, require lots of planning, preparing and organizing.


Here at we can’t help you with the house-cleaning, and we don’t remember how many boxes of matzah you had left over at the end of the holiday last year. But we can help you prepare for some truly fantastic seders.


Step 1 is to decide whom you’re going to invite. Will it be just family? Mostly close friends? Are you organizing your Temple’s community seder? Think about creating a guest list that will allow you to craft the kind of experience you want to have—maybe you want to focus on families with young children, so that you can make a seder that will really stimulate kids. Or maybe you want a crowd that are all involved in working in one field, or have something particular in common. Think about the kind of conversation you want to have, and who are the best people to invite to create that environment.


As you start to get RSVPs, you’re ready to begin more careful planning of what you want your seder to be like. If you’ll have lots of kids at the table, you may want something really interactive, with lots of games and activities. We’ve got you covered, with well over 50 seder games in our clip library. I especially recommend seder bingo, the bitter herb taste test, and the circle of plagues game.  


If you have a crowd of singles, maybe you want to promote lots of discussion to get people talking to each other. This is a good opportunity to check out the progressive clips in our clip library (even if you don’t consider yourself progressive, we bet these clips will lead to lots of heated discussion. Some highlights: the 21 Jump Street activity, Freeing Your Inner Pharaoh, and Occupy Passover.


Or maybe you want to make sure you have some gorgeous artwork and interesting pictures in your Haggadah. We have over 350 images for you to choose from to make your Haggadah easy on the eyes.


Whatever you choose, I guarantee we have some clips that will get you started on building your Haggadah. Head over to our clip library and begin searching for the content to build your Haggadah, and start uploading your own content to create something unique just for your seder.


Passover is just four weeks away. Let’s get planning!