April 01, 2022

Watch The Webinar: We Could Be Heroes

Posted by Haggadot



Go on an excellent adventure with pop culture expert Esther Kustanowitz, journalist and Star Trek superfan David A.M. Wilensky and Jewish sacred texts superfan Rabba Yaffa Epstein. Watch the We Could Be Heroes webinar here! 

Download the Heroes Haggadah for your seder: https://www.haggadot.com/haggadah/heroes-haggadah


Together, we considered 4 Questions: 
Why do we love superheroes?
Why might we embrace rituals that make room for battle and connections to the infinite? 
What are our responsibilities to worlds outside our own? 
How do today's stories intersect with our classic texts and shared history?

And we discussed:
- The dichotomy of a hero (such as Superman) being both human and superhuman at once. And how their human side is flawed, and their superhuman side learns to utilize those flaws and skills together
- Is every leader a hero? Does one have to take on the mantle of a hero to be a leader?  Are the winners always the heroes? 
- Is a show like "What If" a modern form of midrash and is midrash a multiverse? 
- When we tell the Exodus story over and over, we can be the heroes bringing justice for those who need it