February 20,2023

Do What Brings You Joy This Passover! 🌟🌟🌟

Posted by Haggadot

Happy Adar - Let's Make Room For Joy

We're six weeks out from Passover, and with everything happening in the world, finding joy can feel challenging. But in the month of Adar we're invited to find happiness, even in our darkest moments. We're making time to appreciate the small, special things in our everyday lives.


Our Passover Meditation Guide is a great place to start.  

Passover Meditation Guide

Pre-Passover Tip of The Week: Take Time to Savor

Preparing for Passover can feel stressful, but it can also be joyful. When you take the time to savor, you pause for a moment and just take it all in. Whether you're grateful for reuniting in person, for the sights and smells of the holiday or just for the return of a favorite time of year, savor it.


Download Our Favorites For Savoring
Mindfulness For Each Step of the Seder
Passover Meditation Guide
Embodied Practice 
Four Mental Health Questions.


Savor the Season With Ready-To-Print Booklets

Passover Meditation Guide

Passover Meditation Guide
Exhale into these reflective Passover meditations led by Alison Laichter, with illustrations by Jessica Tamar Deutsch. 

Minimalist Haggadah

Minimalist Haggadah
Savor simplicity when you download this haggadah that's perfect for the minimalist who also loves connection. 

Purim Discovery Kit

Purim Discovery Kit
This printable guide from Jewish Grandparents Network will help you and your family bring Purim to life through play and imagination. 

Purim Mask Coloring Pages

Purim Mask Coloring P​ages
There's still two weeks to download these coloring pages and then create the easiest Purim costume!

Schitt's Creek Haggadah

Schitt's Creek Haggadah
Who's your favorite character? Reconnect with everyone in the Rose Family with this haggadah.

Passover Coloring Book

Passover Coloring Book
Let out your artistic side with our coloring book, perfect for art fans of all ages. Download & print, then get ready for a beautiful seder. 


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