March 16, 2022

Are you ready for Purim? We are!

Posted by Haggadot

With Passover just four weeks away…we’re ramping up over here at Our days are full, exciting, busy and a little bit stressful. Are you feeling the same way?

In this period of preparation, we are thinking a lot about Dayenu: it would have been enough.

White text over turquoise marbe that reads "You are enough. Dayenu."

It’s a call to mindfulness. A reminder that even if your Seder isn’t 100% “perfect” (because what does that even mean?), it will be enough. It will have the meaning you bring to it.

You are enough. Dayenu. And if you need some support, check out our Dayenu Seder created by the Jewish Grandparents Network to add something special to your table.

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But first…PURIM! Bring on Queen Esther, Mordechai, and just let go! As you put finishing touches on your costumes, grab the last ingredients for hamentaschen, and wind up your noise-makers, if you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered:

1. 📖 Snag our Megillah for your Purim celebration

2. 🔯 Better understand our community through the story of the Purim

3. 🎨 Download our Purim mask coloring pages!

4. 🥃 Shake up one of our favorite Purim cocktails

Festive masks and firework graphics that say "Happy Purim" in orange text.