March 03, 2013

Best Clips for a Kid-Friendly Seder

Posted by Haggadot

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The Passover seder is designed to appeal to children, with its enthusiasm for questions, and lots of hands-on activities (dipping, making sandwiches, spilling out drops of wine, finding the afikomen, etc), but if there will be kids at your seder, you probably want to tweak your haggadah so it includes lots of kid-friendly songs, games, activities, and texts. Here are some of our favorite clips geared towards kids:

A kid-friendly reading to kick off the seder (Stephen Pomerantz)

A Muppet Show parody song to start the seder (Leah Jones)

A dog washing its paws for Urchatz (Sue-Ann Silkes)

Passover trivia (Adam Hopkins)

A write your own four questions activity (Rabbi Benjamin Adler)

A drawing activity that asks kids to draw what they'd bring with them from Egypt (Made It Myself Books)

When the Storm Came to Plink, a Passover story for 3-6 year olds (American Jewish World Service)

A group activity to mimic the crossing of the Red Sea (Sarah Beren)

The Frog Song, a great song to sing before or after listing the Ten Plagues (Jenny)

A seder crossword puzzle (Alanna)

An easy DIY Passover board game (Andrea Smith)

An Afikomen scavenger hunt, using verses from the Bible to guide kids from clue to clue (USCJ)

A Rhyming Haggadah! (Rabbi Scott Gurdin) 

Plus many, many more options!