March 18, 2013

Best Clips for Bringing Social Justice to Your Seder

Posted by Haggadot

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The text of the haggadah naturally leads to a greater discussion about social justice, modern slavery, and oppression. The Passover seder is the perfect time for a serious discussion about the injustices we see in the world today, and a good time for us to share with our families stories of the causes and problems we car about and worry about. Here at we have well over 100 clips designed to help kickstart the social justice discussion at your seder. Here are ten of our favorites:

A Tale of Two Stories by Donniel Hartmann

In this clip, Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartmann reminds us that the haggadah tells the story of Jews as both victims and victors, and reminds us that if we're going to be victors, we can't forget the victims all over the world. 

Why is this Year Different From All Other Years: A Reading for the Four Questions from the American Jewish World Service 

On most other nights, we allow the news of tragedy in distant places to pass us by. We succumb to compassion fatigue – aware that we cannot possibly respond to every injustice that arises around the world. On this night, we are reminded that our legacy as the descendants of slaves creates in us a different kind of responsibility – we are to protect the stranger because we were strangers in the land of Egypt.

The Fifth Question from MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger

This very short and simple text asks us to consider one more question after the traditional four questions. "Why on this night are millions of people still going hungry?" 

Ask Big Questions: Are We Free

This conversation guide helps you lead a discussion about whether you and your guests are really free--free from what? How did you become free? How can you help others find freedom?

Jewish Solidarity with Native American People Supplement

This text links Native American activists with the characters in the story of the Exodus, and draws parallels between the Israelites' walk to freedom through the desert, and the Navajo Long Walk. 

10 Modern Plagues by Jewish Women's Archive

Passover is a good time to remember that, even after our liberation from slavery in Egypt, there are still many challenges for us to meet. Here are ten “modern plagues” from inequity to feeling overwhelmed and disempowered.

A Quote from Malcolm X

Use this quote from Malcolm X about oppressors and those being oppressed to begin a discussion on the problem with some people being free, while others are not. 

Liberation in God's Image from Rabbis for Human Rights

This reading is designed to remind seder participants about the value and strength of progressive Islam.

Fair Trade Chocolate on the Seder Plate from the Global Exchange and Fair Trade Judaice

Put a piece of fair trade chocolate on your seder plate and use it as a jumping off point for a discussion about fair trade labor practices around the world. 

Maror from Uri L'Tzedek

At the moment in the seder when we think about the suffering in Egypt, this text reminds us to think about the migrant workers of today, who still toil in the fields for barely any pay.