February 24,2022

不 How Can Schitt's Creek Help Tell Your Passover Story? 不

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It's 7 Weeks Until Passover - Here's What We're Loving 

The Schitt's Creek Haggadah
Laugh along with the Rose Family during their Exodus in the town of Schitt's Creek when you check out one of our most popular haggadot! 
Schitt's Creek Haggadah
Jewish Disabilities Awareness & Inclusion Month 
February is Jewish Disabilities Awareness & Inclusion Month, a worldwide collaboration to increase the visibility and inclusion of people with disabilities across the Jewish community. 
To celebrate, we're sharing this blog post from
 Dave Cowen. He connects our favorite Biblical character, Moses, with President Joe Biden over their shared speech impairments.
And we're downloading MATAN's multi-sensory Inclusion Haggadah for kids.

Our Pre-Passover Tip of The Week: Tell A Story 
A lot has happened in the past few years. Your Passover seder is the perfect opportunity to make your seder a storytelling evening that is inspired, relevant, meaningful and personal.  Start getting excited about your seder with our Haggadot.com library.