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Matzah Show - Muppets Parody

The Matzah Show

(to the theme of "The Muppet Show")

It's time to burn some chometz
It's time to bless the lights
It's time to start the seder, on the Matzah Show tonight

It's time to put on kittels
It's time to lean left, not right
It's time to raise the 4 cups, on the Matzah Show tonight

It's time to ask some questions
It's time to leave Egypt tonight
It's time to get things started on the most sensational
Inspirational, celebrational, sederational
This is what we call the Matzah Show!!!!!

(Discussion #1: How could Kermit be a plague?)

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Mickey Karpas

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Motzi Matzah

-- Four Questions
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1. What was the very first Disney Movie?       1. Snow White

2.What Letter-and-Number Sequence appears in every Pixar Film?     2.A113

3.Name all three of the Hyenas from The Lion King.             3. Ed,Shenzi,Bansai

4.What is the name of Maleficent's Raven?      4. Diablo

-- Four Children
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Once there was a happy child, and his friends they numbered four. One was hungry, one was hyper. One was busy and did chores

And the fourth was shy and colored salmon, he was young and he was small. While his friends asked all the questions, he rarely spoke at all.

The hungry one asked the child, is this the day with honey? When we dip our apples, or our paws if you are me.

And the child shook his head, oh silly bear! The day of which your thinking, isn't in the spring air.

Then the hyper one asked the child, as he bounced up and down. Is this the day with the Torah? When we dance round and round?

As the child laughed out loud, he did say a response. That day is Simcha Torah, that's the Torah renaissance.

Now the child told his friends, this is the day when jews were freed. When we eat our fill of matzah, because of no time to knead.

The busy one proudly spoke up, this is the day with the chores. When we rid the house of chametz, how could it ever be a bore?

The shy one whispered softly, did you here that tap on the door? Could it be Elijah? or simply Eeyore?

Now the friends they did celebrate, of their freedom in the wood. The holiday of Passover, the holiday so good.

-- Exodus Story
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Compare and Contrast

-The film shows an accurate depiction of the oppression of the 

Hebrews in Egypt

-Scripture tells us that midwives were instructed to kill Hebrew 

boys. The film depicts soldiers doing so.

-Scripture tells us that Moses was placed in a basket in the 

reeds. The film depicts Moses’ basket on a harrowing journey 

down the river.

-Scripture tells us that Pharaoh’s daughter finds the child and 

raises Moses as her own. The film depicts Pharaoh’s wife finding 

him and raising him as a “prince of Egypt” – the brother of 

Ramses, the future Pharaoh. 

-The film does not mention Moses’ mother nursing Moses as is 

told in Scripture

-Scripture tells us that Moses murdered the Egyptian out of 

anger. The film depicts the event as more of an accident. 

-Scripture tells us that Moses later is breaking up a fight 

between 2 Hebrews when he begins to fear for his own life. The 

film depicts his fears coming to the surface in discussion with his 

“brother” Ramses (a fictional relationship).

-The film has some of the dialogue rearranged (out of 

sequence). Otherwise it is fairly accurate. 

-Scripture tells us that God identifies himself as “I am who am.” 

The film uses “I am that I am.”

-Scripture tells us that Aaron accompanied Moses to help him 

speak since Moses was not eloquent. The film does not include 


-The biggest difference here is that in the film, Moses and 

Pharaoh are “brothers” who are joyfully reunited. Scripture tells 

us that no such relationship existed and the name Ramses is not 

mentioned in the Exodus story.

-Scripture tells us that Aaron accompanied Moses to visit 

Pharaoh and that Aaron’s staff (snake) swallowed the other 

staffs (snakes). 

-The film depicts Moses as a young man although Scripture tells 

us that Moses was 80 years old when he spoke to Pharaoh.

-Again, Scripture tells us that Aaron accompanied Moses while 

the film depicts Moses acting alone. 

-The film quickly glosses over plagues 2 through 9 while 

Scripture provides detailed accounts of each. 

-Scripture tells us that Moses informs Pharaoh of the 10th

Plague: the death of the firstborn. The film seems to depict 

Pharaoh himself announcing the final plague. 

-Scripture provides great detail about the Passover ritual 

whereas the film glosses over the details.

-The film makes no mention of Moses bringing along Joseph’s 

bones as is told in Scripture. 

-The film also depicts the column of fire suddenly appearing as if 

for the first time while Scripture tells us that it led them the 

whole way. 

-Scripture tells us that the Lord brought a strong wind that blew 

all night to create the dry land. The film depicts it as a sudden 


-The film depicts Pharaoh as participating in the charge and 

being swept by the waters while Scripture makes no mention of 

Pharaoh’s participation in the pursuit.

The film quickly jumps ahead to show Moses descending the 

mountain with the Ten Commandments skipping over Scriptures 

accounts of the journey through the desert. 

-- Ten Plagues
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Thus saith the Lord: 
Since you refuse to free my people 
All through the land of Egypt... 
I send a pestilence and plague 
Into your house, into your bed 
Into your streams, into your streets 
Into your drink, into your bread 
Upon your cattle, on your sheep 
Upon your oxen in your field 
Into your dreams, into your sleep 
Until you break, until you yield 
I send the swarm, I send the horde 
Thus saith the Lord 

Once I called you brother 
Once I thought the chance 
to make you laugh 
Was all I ever wanted... 

I send the thunder from the sky 
I send the fire raining down 

And even now I wish that God 
had chose another 
Serving s your foe on his behalf 
Is the last thing that I wanted... 

I send a hail of burning ice 
On ev'ry field, on ev'ry town 

This was my home 
All this pain and devastation 
How it tortures me inside 
All the innocent who suffer 
From your stubbornness and pride... 

I send the locusts on a wind 
Such as the world has never seen 
On ev'ry leaf, on ev'ry stalk 
Until there's nothing left of green 
I send my scourge, I send my sword 
Thus saith the Lord! 

You who I called brother 
Why must you call down another blow? 

I send my scourge, I send my sword 

Let my people go! 

[Moses and Chorus] 
Thus saith the Lord! 

You who I called brother 
How could you have come to hate me so? 
Is this what you wanted? 

I send the swarm, I send the horde... 

Then let my heart be hardened 
And never mind how high the cost may grow 
This will still be so: 
I will never let your people go... 

Thus saith the Lord: 

Thus saith the Lord: 

I will not... 

[Moses, Rameses, and Chorus] 
Let your/my people go! 

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Tow mater Sandwich

Shulchan Oreich
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