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The long history of our people is one of contrasts — freedom and slavery, joy and pain, power and helplessness. Passover reflects these contrasts. Tonight as we celebrate our freedom, we remember the slavery of our ancestors and realize that many people are not yet free.

Each generation changes — our ideas, our needs, our dreams, even our celebrations. So has Passover changed over many centuries into our present

holiday. Our nomadic ancestors gathered for a spring celebration when the sheep gave birth to their lambs. Theirs was a celebration of the continuity of life. Later, when our ancestors became farmers, they celebrated the arrival of spring in their own fashion. Eventually these ancient spring festivals merged with the story of the Exodus from Egypt and became a new celebration of life and freedom.

As each generation gathered around the table to retell the old stories, the symbols took on new meanings. New stories of slavery and liberation, oppression and triumph were added, taking their place next to the old. Tonight we add our own special chapter as we recall our people’s past and we dream of the future.

For Jews, our enslavement by the Egyptians is now remote, a symbol of communal remembrance. As we sit here in the comfort of our modern world, we think of the millions who still suffer the brutality of the existence that we escaped thousands of years ago.

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פסח 5772 — Trivia Questions


1.Only the “kids” are the questioners.

2.Each questioner gets to ask the same number of questions.

3.Questions can only be asked after a section of the Seder is completed and before the next section is announced; but only one question per section per questioner may be asked.

4.If a question is answered correctly, one piece of candy is awarded to the questioner. 

5.If it is answered incorrectly, the questioner gets two pieces of candy.

6.The Seder leader has the final decision about “correctness.”

7.Each questioner selects one person to ask a question to, but the same person cannot be asked to answer a question until all answerers have been asked the same number of questions.

8.The “bonus” question must be asked last.

9.If the bonus question is answered correctly, then all of the remaining candy can be split equally among the questioners.


1.What is the Pesach?

The Passover Sacrifice

2.How many cups of wine are required by the Haggadah?

5 (4 cups of wine during the Seder, and 1 cup for Eliyahu)

3.What body of water did Moshe lead the Israelites through?

Sea of Reeds

4.What month is Pesach celebrated in, and what number month of the year is it?

Nisan, the First

5.Is the Hebrew calendar lunar or solar?


6.Who invented sandwiches?

Rabbi Hillel (NOT the Earl of Sandwich!)

7.What were the original ingredients in the Korech (the Hillel Sandwich)?

Matzah, Maror, Pesach

8.What are the only ingredients allowed in matzah?

Flour and Water

9.What is the maximum number of minutes matzah can be baked?


10.What measurement of food is used to determine how much is required to fulfill the mitzvah?

An olive

11.What three items should be used to search for chametz?

A feather, a spoon and a candle

12.How many years ago did the Exodus occur?

About 3300

13.What is the Hebrew word for “Egypt”, and what does it mean?

Mitzrayim, “a narrow place”

14.What are the two mitzvot in the Torah regarding Pesach?

(1) eat matzah, (2) tell the Exodus story

15.How many Hebrew souls went down to Egypt?


16.How many Israelites left Egypt?

600,000 (Men, aged 18–60)

17.What do we begin counting the second night of Pesach?

The Omer

18.What are the four names for the Passover holiday (Hebrew or English)?

(1) Chag HaMatzot (Festival of Matzah); (2) Chag HaPesach (Festival of the Passover Sacrifice); (3) Chag HaAviv (Festival of Spring); and (4) Zman Cheiruteinu (Time of Our Freedom)

19.Who was Moshe’s spokesperson?


20.What were the real names of Shifra and Puah?

Yocheved and Miriam

21.How many years were the Israelites enslaved?


BONUS: How many years were the Israelites supposed to have been enslaved for?