Lift the plate with the three matzot and raise the middle matzah for all to see. Then break the middle matzah in two and set aside the larger piece as the afikoman, because more is hidden than is revealed.

Even before we speak about the matzah, we break it. Why do we begin our seder by breaking the matzah?

Our Rabbis teach that Israel was redeemed from Egypt because of these merits: our ancestors did not change their names; our ancestors did not change their language. They defied the anonymity of servitude, and kept safe the language of home.

We set aside the broken portion of matzah to remember that what seems lost may be recovered, what seems broken may be repaired.

Redemption begins with remembering.

haggadah Section: Yachatz
Source: The Open Door (ed., Sue Levi Elwell)