SAY: Yachatz in Hebrew means ‘split in half.’ Afikoman is Greek for Dessert. This is a ritual in two parts. One of
us will now split a matza into two, hiding one half for another to find, as we spend this night seeking our
hidden truths. When it’s time for dessert, the Afikoman must be revealed for Sayder to conclude.

DO: Take 3 pieces of matzah, pull out the middle one, and snap it in half. The larger piece is your afikomen.

How to hide it?
• If you have multiple people at your seder, hide the matzah during dinner so people (kids!) can search for it. The winner gets a prize. (Get creative!)
• You can also hide the Afikoman online! During dinner, snap a photo of the area where you’ve hid it and post it somewhere clever. Facebook? Instagram?
Twitter? Let your diligent participants figure it out.

SAY: Try this. As we split and hide the Matza, let’s come up with a list of organizations that are helping make a safer, happier,  healthier, freer world. Each participant can come up with one suggestion. Let’s compile a list (use the chat box to type your suggestion) and we’ll get back to this when it’s time to reveal the Afikoman and wrap up the night.  

Click here to watch drag queens Ona Louise and Golide Lox introduce Yachatz:

haggadah Section: Yachatz